Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WW...What Works!

Well, for anyone wondering how my break-up with the scale went...well it was hard dammit. But I survived. BUT I will be honest, I gained 2 pounds in the month. Turns out, when I am not getting on the scale every day, it is easier to let my diet lax a little. When I am this close to goal, being lax isnt going to do me any good.

So I will be utilizing my scale again. I read the people who get on the scale daily, lose more and maitain longer than those who don't. I wasn't sure if that was true until I complete one month of NOT stepping on my scale.

After speaking with my doctor last week, we determined that she would be happy with me weighing between 158-163 pounds. A mere 16 pounds to be where my doctor wants me. But being so close makes me afraid that I will soon become overly obsessed with my scale all over again. So over the past couple of days, I have been pondering about when I actually had a "healthy" relationship with the scale. Pondering when I had a healthy grasp on food and what I needed to fuel my body.

And that time was when I was with Weight Watchers. It has taken me time to get back to this place. I have enjoyed My Fitness Pal, and thought I could do it by simply tracking myself. And I did ok. But what I lost track of was fueling my body properly. In theory I could do a better job with MFP. But I will be honest, having someone else see my numbers each week keeps me focused.

Your body needs so much more than just X number of calories. As Chalene Johnson says "If you are going to train like an athlete, you need to eat like an athlete." Now is that time.

I hope you decide to stick with me on this journey. I know many of you joined MFP because I thought it rocked, and it DOES! But, Weight Watchers has ALWAYS gotten the job done for me, and I am looking forward to embarking back on my WW journey. This also means that starting next week, I will be starting Foodie Friday back up again with some of my favorite recipes :)

Until Next Time!
Amber :)

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  1. Weight Watchers worked for me too. Do you join and attend the meetings? Or simply count points?