Friday, August 10, 2012

A New Day!

Well, today started like any other day, I hit the snooze and overslept LOL! Jumped up and got cleaned up, got my little guy ready, and then grabbed my pre-packed breakfast and headed out to my Weight Watchers meeting. I was a little behind and was looking at being about 2-3 minutes late...I got to my meeting location and thought I lucked out because there was a place up front. Yep, there was...because that location was CLOSED! Ugh, so I had to recheck the location, well needless to say I arrived at the new location about 15 minutes late. Story of my life. I could have let this deter me, but I didn't. I went in and didn't even sit down, I just immediately bought my monthly pass, then stepped up onto that stupid scale.

Here it is...the number read a number that I swore I would never see again. 180.4. I swore I would never see the 180's again. Though I will be honest, if they had let me weigh in the way I want to weigh in, I wouldn't have been in the 180's. One day, they will give in and let me weigh in naked. Until that time, I will accept the number that was on the scale.

With the hard part over, Jayce and I headed into the meeting and caught the tail end. I met my leader, who I like which is always a plus. I feel like I can relate to her, which is important to me. Though, if I am honest, I will tell you that with every leader I meet, I realize that I want to be a a leader, I have the personality for it and I LOVE helping people. That being said, I will put it out there. I have a HUGE goal. I want to become a lifetime member by Jayce's 2nd Birthday! (January 18, 2013). That gives me 17 weeks of weigh ins to hit my goal of 158 which is 22.4 pounds to lose (as set by my doctor) and 6 weeks to maintain to achieve lifetime status.

Now that sounds like a great goal, right? Totally realistic. But, THAT is not my HUGE goal! My ultimate goal is to hit lifetime then pursue becoming a WW leader. This has been an ambition of mine from my first success with Weight Watchers in 2009. And now, I am determined to make that happen.

First step towards this goal is to continue on program and work with the program that I know AND believe in. Looking forward to what the future holds :)

Until Next Week!

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  1. Good luck Amber!! I will be looking forward to your updates as I too continue on my weight loss goals! You are a total inspiration to me!!