Thursday, September 1, 2011

Runner's high or insanity??

"The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It's your mind you have to convince" -Vincent Lombardi

I am on the treadmill on Monday and I am starting run #1 which is 5 minutes. I set the treadmill at 4.5mph because I am dreading 5 minutes. After all, it damn near killed me last week!! I am a minute in and am feeling a tad more confident so I bump it up to 4.7. I finish the run and I am feeling good. I am halfway into run #2 and it hits me....HOLY CRAP I can do this!!! I bump that speed up to 5 mph and with a grin on my face I finish that run, AND the next one at a 5mph pace! To some, this is not a fast pace, but to me it was euphoric!

I won't go as far as saying I love running, but I can say that I love what it is doing for my body! On Tuesday morning, I got up and prepared for my weekly weigh in. This is a routine that never changes. I get up, I pee, and I get dressed in a pair of yoga pants, take top and t-shirt. Then I nurse the baby (because those are precious ounces on the scale!!! Don't judge me, LOL). I slip on my flip flops and Jayce and I are on our way! I walk into my meeting and go pee again, then I wait in line with my fellow Weight Watchers. As I approach the scale, I slip off my flip flops and take off my t-shirt. I step on the scale in my yoga pants and tank top. I dream of the day they will put up a curtain and let me get naked but for now this is as naked as I can get.

Normally, I am excited because I weigh myself at home and have an idea of how my weigh in will go. But this week was different. When I got on the scale at home, it hadn't moved...I had worked out and ate well, so this made me a little sad. Stepping on the scale, I tell myself that when I got dressed, I noticed my tummy was flatter and my thighs thinner, but I still feel a little anxiety. I am the type of person that celebrates even the smallest of losses, but gains are a punch in the chest. I braced myself for the blow. I can't wait for my leader to hand me my tracker, so I can look, so instead I peak over the counter as she is writing it. DOWN 1.5!!!!!!!!!!! I did a stupid dance, Jayce was thoroughly entertained:) My hard work is paying off!

I may not *love* running yet, but I am confident that I will. It has done amazing things to my body! My legs and waist are slimmer. I am noticing muscle definition in my legs and I can walk up and down the stairs of my townhome without wanting to die. So while I do not love it, I am definitely inching my way there!

That being said, I see a love affair with Bodyflow class in my near future! I took my first class on Wednesday and I am HOOKED!!!! I run 3 times a week with a friend, and she had mentioned that when I am at goal, I should consider becoming a personal trainer. This is something I have considered before. I enjoy working out and I love encouraging people to meet their goals!!! This is not just a pipe dream for me. I have discussed this with my husband and I am doing my research to see what I need to do to get certified. I am stoked. Now, you may be wondering why I skipped right past my Bodyflow love affair and what this has to do with my newest goal of becoming a trainer....well, as I am taking this class, it occurs to me that I LOVE IT!!!! I can see myself teaching this class! Ok well not right now, because I am not very good at it, BUT I WILL BE:) I am going to work my ass off to get there!

I am not the most confident girl in the world, though I am sure it seems that I am. Please do not mistake my hard headedness for confidence. And I may just be hard headed enough to make this happen:)

Stay tuned!

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